Creative Fusion Dance Company

Bellydance, Bollywood Dance, Some Tribal and a Whole lot of Fusion!!

Our Members:

About Us:

 Creative Fusion came together in 2007 when our founding members realized that we all held passion for the same styles of dance.  We wanted to share those styles and our own creative choreographies with our audiences.  With over 35 years combined dance experience we all bring to the stage an eclectic conglomeration that, at its core,  is filled with passion and hard work.  From teaching classes to performing on stage, we love what we do.


Isaura  loves what she does. She started dancing over ten years ago, after a car accident that left her with core muscle issues. She fell in love with bellydance. She shares her love of dance with her troupe mates. She shares her love of dance with her children. She shares her love of dance with her audiences. She is in constant search of learning new ways of dancing, and putting them together seamlessly in improv or choreography. She has been given wonderful opportunities to learn with Zoe Jakes, Artemis Mourat, Eva Cernik, Amy Sigil and Unmata, Cassandra, Karen Barbee, Princess Farhana, Sam Riggs, John Compton, Joe Williams, Jim Boz, Saqra, Aziza Sa'id, Barbara Sorenson of Benu, Julianna, Delilah, Jasmin Jahal, and several others. Each of these teachers has a special place in her heart and in her dancing style. Their education has been priceless to her teaching and performing.

Leia and Maielle

These two youngsters have danced with Isaura from a very young age.  (They are her children after all.) 


Our newest dancer.  Trained in Tribal and in love with Hip Hop Tribal Fusion


Has been dancing with CFDC for four years now...we like to say she is old as dirt.


One of our founding members.  She has traveled to India and back.