Creative Fusion Dance Company

Bellydance, Bollywood Dance, Some Tribal and a Whole lot of Fusion!!

Who is Creative Fusion Dance Company?

A group of like-minded, and sometimes not so like-minded women, who come together to share our love of our chosen art forms.  We have taken our differences and made them our strengths.  Each of us brings something unique to our group that cannot be found anywhere else.  We share our passion for dance, for education, and for the life that we all strive to have.        



Our Mission:

To promote cultural awareness of the dance forms known as Raks Oriental/Raqs Sharki, Tribal Fusion, and Indian Dance forms known as Bollywood Style and Bhangra.  To teach others, through movement and research, that each of the above art forms are beneficial to the building of a strong mind, stong body and unbreakable spirit.